Our Story

Club Reale is rapidly earning a reputation as a leading company amongst owners of property within the Hotel Condominium Lot for sophisitcated hotel operation and management of hotel condominiums. Our expert team operates for our own account and provides third-party management, accounting, and guest services for independent owners as well as companies and groups.

Club Reale has earned its respect for its rapid company development and management achievements over the years to meet the growing needs and demands of its partners and sophisticated travelers desiring hospitality excellence.

Club Reale is owned and operated by hotel condominium owners and is built on a foundation of good principles that runs throughout the organization and every associate within.  The outstanding results achieved for its partners and guests are driven by the core values on which the company was founded: honesty, integrity, business acumen, diligence, and being of great service to others.

The company focus is on quality of relationships and service with guests, associates, and owners.  Club Reale has built its reputation as a top operator by being thoughtful and careful in choosing the right partners and by investing in education for its associates.

Executive Leadership
Partner Satisfaction
Guest Satisfaction
Hotel Condominium Operation

Providing a hotel experience to sophisticated travelers while maximizing income and use for hotel condominium owners

Guest Services

Providing solutions to aid guests in a mixed use project such as a hotel condominium in which complications may arise from the separate fee simple ownership of different lots

Daily Housekeeping

Ensuring the guests and owners get the full hotel experience that they deserve


Providing maintenance to guests and owners in a transient environment that has a time sensitive demand

REALE (noun)

Definition: a worldly word that stands for Royal, Genuine, True, and Real in multiple languages.

Definition: all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you

ENS REALE - (noun) ens re·ale

Definition: an entity that has either actual or potential existence beyond the confines of the finite mind


Club Reale is eminently real about everything they do.