Considering Moving to Florida?  Everyone comes to Florida for different reasons. The most common reason is to get a bit closer to the equator and away from cold winters.  

Most do not know that the Sunshine State is sunny most of the year.  The consistent warm and pleasant weather is one of the biggest attractions. Southern Florida residents do not even own a sweater let a lone a jacket.  People moving to Florida are often looking to make a change and spend more time outside in the sunshine to boost both mental health and physical health and increase their Vitamin D intake from the Sun.

Florida is one of the only states in the entire United States that does not charge any state income tax. This attracts many individuals and businesses in Florida. And 0% state income tax means more money to spend on all of the adventures Florida has to offer, from beaches to theme parks and water activities.

Throughout its coastline, Florida features the best and most visually stunning beaches in the United States. Floridans spend their time soaking up the sun and enjoying the relaxing sound of the ocean waves. And because the weather is warm and delightful all year, the sand and surf is plentiful. 

But where to move is the question many have asked.  One such place is Singer Island, the hidden gem of South Florida. This little beachfront island has Florida’s best kept secrets.  This tropical island is the perfect spot for a luxury vacation. 

Many who come and book an amazing vacation on Singer Island are captivated by its beauty, decide to purchase property.  If you would like more information or assistance, contact James Cooper, licensed realtor at (561) 436-8453.

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